Used Computer Warehouse – Reno Nevada

Where do we get our used computers?

The vast majority of large companies lease their computers and computer equipment. They typically lease them for 2 to 4 years. When the lease expires, the equipment is returned to the finance companies. That is where we come into the equation. We buy the off-lease computers from them and sell them here at our store. These are not computers that had problems. They are just simply used. We clean them up and reinstall a fresh copy of the operating system. Often we upgrade the memory and hard drives depending on how old the system is. The computers are typically Dell and Hewlett Packard. Because they are coming from large corporations that are very picky about the specifications, they will be the commercial product lines from Dell and HP that have higher quality components as opposed to cheaper product lines offered to home users at your typical national electronics retailer.

What kind of a warranty do they have?

We offer a 6 month warranty that covers everything on all of our computers and laptops. Thats a longer warranty than most brand new computers that are sold at national retailers. We do all of the warranty work here in town. There is no sitting on hold with technical support in foreign country.